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    MyKoolKart is wholly owned subsidiary of “Yellow Oranges Retail LLP”. When we say Yellow Oranges that means different perspective towards life with a little different approach. That’s the philosophy of Yellow Oranges hence the name.

    We feel that Health and beauty go hand in hand and so we have products that take care of your body as defined following:

    1) Buy Health Bands for getting insight into your internal/physical health.
    2) Buy Bluetooth speakers with soothing sound which you can use to get relieved from stress and anxiety anytime anywhere.
    3) Buy portable grooming gadgets so you can take care of your looks anytime and anywhere you want.

    Consumer or buyer, in general, buy the product by brand name and not the
    quality as for them brand name suggest the quality which may not be 100% true. 

    Hence on MyKoolKart we offer best of the quality of newest products launched in the electronic market and introduce the customers to new and ever-changing technologies and out of the box experience.